Core Competencies


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1. Core Competencies

If you would like to keep a record of the Stroke Core Competencies you have accessed, print out the Personal Learning Log [.pdf, 21KB] and tick off each one as you complete it. You may use this for your CPD portfolios. You do not need to work through these in the order given.

01: Cause of Stroke 10: Loss of Feeling
02: Effects of Stroke 11: Change in Vision
03: Reducing the Risk of Stroke 12: Communication
04: Specialist Care 13: Swallowing
05: Common Effects of Stroke 14: Preventing Pressure Sores
06: Level of Consciousness 15: Incontinence
07: Limb Weakness 16 & 20: Thinking Processes and Behaviour
08 & 17: Moving, Handling and Safety 18: Emotions
09: Activities of Daily Living 19: Rehabilitation

2. Certification

To gain a certificate in the Stroke Core Competencies, select the test below. You should allow approximately 30 minutes to complete this test. To pass the test and gain your certificate you need to answer all the questions correctly. This certificate can be used as evidence of continual professional development (CPD).
Core Competency Test

3. Evaluation

Please complete the Evaluation form below giving your feedback and comments on the website.
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